Join the fight

TERREWODE advocates programs at local, national and international levels to lobby for evidence–based policies and programs to protect women and girls from abuse and violation of their social-economic, sexual & reproductive health.

TERREWODE also raises community awareness and education which increases demand for services.

The Obstetric Fistula Advocacy and Awareness Network (OFAAN) are trained to conduct lobbying and advocacy at community levels.

The training consist of obstetric fistula awareness and advocacy education along with safe motherhood preparation and legal rights advocacy. They advocate for enforcemment of policies and laws and also to develop or propose policy changes. They also advocate for effective implementation of government programs.

Our impact is demonstrated in the following ways:

  • Engaged local women groups, women leaders, district managers, political leaders to enhance maternal and child health and human rights of vulnerable women and girl children.
  • Strengthened collaborations with the top districts leadership, institutions and organizations. TERREWODE has encouraged resource allocation to address the human rights issues of women through Government poverty eradications programs, such as National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), and Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF).
  • Invited by the Ugandan Ministry of Health to assist with the development of the National Fistula Strategy in 2010, a major step that the government of Uganda has undertaken to eliminate fistula. 
  • Participates in the Ugandan Ministry of Health’s Technical Fistula Working Group to develop a national strategy on fistula. The group is comprised of experts, key stakeholders and development partners in the various fields related to maternal health and to fistula in particular. TERREWODE’S Executive Director, Alice Emasu, is a member of this group. 
  • Encourages women in local government structures to be a part of the decision making process in governance, which in turn influences legislative and policy changes favoring women’s rights.
  • Mainstreams Rights, Needs and Empowerment based approaches in all of their programs to tackle the root causes of abuse and violation of the rights of women and girls. 
  • Systematically addresses the sensitive issue of lack of land ownership and control over key areas of production. This empowers rural women’s groups and fistula survivors farmers to obtain ownership rights, either through inheritance from their paternal homes, co owning with their spouses and purchasing in their own rights. 
  • Produces and disseminates information, education and communication materials to promote awareness, distributing t-shirts, calendars and booklets bearing information about fistula and its linkages to rights violations. 
  • Created a platform for women to report cases of violence to the police and local councils. 
  • Carries out media campaign activities such as sponsoring radio talk shows on sexual violence and announcements on the availability of fistula treatment. Radio talk shows are conducted in four local languages: Ateso, Kumam, Luganda and Ngakarimojong.
  • Inform and utilize the Partnership for Maternal Neo-natal and Child Health Global Strategy of 2030 towards improving maternal neonatal and child health.
Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Rebbecca Kadaga, joins the war against obstetric fistula
at a national advocacy forum organised by TERREWODE for corporates and legislators
to galvanize resources for the campaign.