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School-Based Programs

The school based programs promote the rights of girls to education. These are grassroots programs organized and run by community volunteers and the schools themselves. The goal of the program is to introduce students to obstetric fistula (both causes and steps to take for prevention), educate the students about reproductive and economic rights while highlighting the linkages of this denial to broader issues of high rates of school dropouts among girl students.

Through this intervention, TERREWODE in collaboration with Ashoka global innovators for the public is making huge contributions to the campaign against teenage pregnancies, child marriages and seeks to strengthen implementation of Uganda’s laws protecting women and children. Keeping girls in school and empowering them is a highly effective and important way to prevent maternal mortalities and morbidities like obstetric fistula.

For over a decade, TERREWODE has over 500 girl advocates for change in 11 Secondary schools across Teso Sub-region, with some of them holders of undergraduate degrees in various fields.

To achieve this, the organization implements various activities including annual empowerment residential camps, sub-regional panels, Inspire Events, coaching and mentorship, lobbying meetings for district officials, capacity enhancement workshops for teachers, law enforcement officials including journalists to provide continuous community education on the issues. Obstetric fistula is used as a catalyst to discuss a whole range of issues surrounding female education as part of a long term prevention strategy to improve maternal and child health.  

Needs: Currently, the programs only run in few secondary schools due to limited funding, but TERREWODE hopes to expand the number of schools and girls participating in the project for greater impact. Ideally, this would include primary schools as well to prevent girls who dropout before reaching higher levels of education.


Assistant Superintendant of Police [ASP] from child & Family Protection Unit addresses school girls of adolescent age from TERREWODE partner schools on women empowerment to end teenage pregnancies & early child marriage in Uganda. Fistula advocates at the Women Empowerment & Self-reliance Center (WEES) in Soroti are displaying off their certificates after a 2 weeks training.